• No fake look ⁣
No damage lashes⁣
No irritation or itchiness ⁣
No time consuming ...etc⁣
Do you have the same opinion about Lash Filler?⁣
Lash lifts in general have bad opinion what it’s your? Do you see many bad looking lashes after lash lift treatment?

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  • I want to introduce someone who recently joined our team!

This lovely lady...
Is a gem we were so lucky to find!

It takes more to be a lash educator than just your work and how perfectly you do it.

It also takes kindness, bravery, and selflessness.

A career in the world of lashes isn’t easy, it takes a whole lot of bravery to be seen in this overcrowded industry!
Be brave in joining competitions,
Be brave to express yourself to your audience,
Be brave to speak up and voice out your opinions,
Be brave to do things differently and innovate.

For kindness and selflessness, you need to always keep your students in mind as a teacher. Giving them your undivided attention and providing them with the knowledge they need, even beyond the books!

Karis embodies all of these amazing qualities that make an amazing ILM teacher.

To book the training with this lovely lady go to @imthelashmaker_essex
  • Wohoo this weekend I’m going to visit Switzerland with my two amazing trainings!⁣
Lash filler and Brow Lift!⁣
Can’t wait to meet all of my students. ⁣
I’m already packed and prepared so see you all very soon 💕⁣

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  • Lash Training prices are changing rapidly.⁣⁣
Back then, quality training costs as much as £1000! Why, you ask? ⁣⁣
Lash Stylists and Educators were quite rare, this was a time when the lash market was considered luxurious.⁣⁣
Fast forward to now, the market is brimming with quick, cheap, and low quality service! Countless aspiring Lash Stylists receive low quality training for just £100, and charge their lashes for £20-25. ⁣⁣
Do you see where I’m headed with this?⁣⁣
For the ladies who are looking to earn decent money, they turn to semi-permanent make up, lip fillers and the like.⁣⁣
Unfortunately, this is how we are ruining the beauty industry, by over saturating the market with cheap, low quality work and education. ⁣⁣
So do think twice with your pricing and invest in good training!⁣⁣
My training may not be cheap but the value and knowledge that it imparts are priceless.
  • I’m back again! I just realised that I didn’t post anything as I was hoping this madness will pass away very quick and I didn’t want to leve the COVID mark here on my feed...⁣⁣
But unfortunately this madness is still on! I hope you all hanging out over there and that we will be able to go back to work very soon!⁣⁣
On the picture my favourite procedure- brow lift⁣⁣
  • I miss my travels so bad! Here throwback to Russian Line training in Poland! it was amazing, such a big group of lovely brow stylist💕 ⁣⁣
Hope that soon we will be allowed to travel again! @extencils_ne can’t wait to visit Switzerland soon!
  • This picture was taken just before recording my perfect lift online training.⁣
Back then I didn’t know it will be such a popular training. Thank you everyone for taking part in that training I’m extremely happy that I could show you my secret technique and pass you my lash lift tricks💕
  • Throwback to our training with this amazing girl @nadyanaseem! We did classic foundation training and now it will be time to do Volume training! ⁣
Can’t wait to see you soon, hope this lockdown will be over so we can start lashing again!
  • Russian Line- Online training in action!⁣⁣
look at that beautiful eyebrows done by my student💕⁣⁣
Remember that we have all online training in huge discount 40%off with code: SELFGROWTH (link in bio)⁣⁣
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  • Throwback to amazing training day with @kate_denko .⁣⁣
I’m so proud of her work on a training day! Look at this lash lift, pure perfection and the craziest thing is that it was her first lash lift ever!⁣⁣
What it’s very important when you are attending the trainings and would like to get amazing results?⁣⁣
Don’t be nervous, very often girls are attending the trainings and they saying that the couldn’t sleep before the training day as they so excited but very stressed at the same time.⁣⁣
Remember you coming for a training where everything will be explained to you and with small tiny tiny steps you will get to know new skills. I’m here for you💕⁣
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  • I’m very proud of that training because so many of you girls loved it and it’s everything for me!

Also another amazing thing is that so many of you from all around the world get that training! At least my spirit had some travel in those crazy times 🤣🤣💞 Thank you everyone for your trust! Sending you loads of love! 💓

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  • Who loves brow lift with tinting hands up 🙋🏻‍♀️ Work of my amazing student💕

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  • I miss that place so much! But here, I’m back again!
If you know me you know that I’m the huge fan of tinting! I like powder henna too but the new technology tints are just so good!

On my quarantine, I did some swatches to check the colours by mixing everything with each other, changing the proportions of ingredients checking how long it will last on the skin. I will recommend you to do the same as this is how you will get to know your products!

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  • When I was preparing material for lash forum I didn’t realise that now this would be the greatest way of updating your knowledge in this tough time.

Thank you @artisticfurofficial for this amazing opportunity to connect with so many lovelies ppl and to pass my knowledge! 
I hope you will enjoy my lecture and that you will gain new skills which will help you to gain more clients after that craziness with virus!

Take care and be positive💕

#staystrong #stayhome #stayhealthy #lashsupport
  • Few weeks ago I had an honour to do a Russian Line Training for amazing group in Poland! 
It was fun and we create a lot of beautiful eyebrows! 
Now you can get this training online and learn some new skills from your couch! Isn’t that great...! #russianline #eyebrows #advanceeyebrowstyling #eyebrowtrainingsuk #browtraininguk #browtraining
  • I love to combine my work and passion with holidays! Check out video from my trip to Kazakhstan 👉🏻swipe👉🏻 Would you like to go and compete on this amazing International Lash and Brow Championship?

I did visit those competitions as a judge last year in Kazakhstan and I was truly amazed by organisation and atmosphere. You definitely need to visit this competitions! For more details go to @beautyshturm.

This year they are in Paris 👩‍🎨 and I will have the honour to judge there again! Can’t wait to see you there!

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We launching my new online training on 3rd March!
On this occasion we have prepare a pre-order offer for you💕 Buy training in next 48h to get 30% discount!

𝙍𝙪𝙨𝙨𝙞𝙖𝙣 𝙇𝙞𝙣𝙚 𝙀𝙮𝙚𝙗𝙧𝙤𝙬: training is the advance eyebrow training which will make your brow stylisation flawless.

The Eastern European technique is concentrating to underline the eyebrows in beautiful and neat way to create a big contrast without using any makeup(concealer)

Create a perfect and neat eyebrows with us!
𝙐𝙨𝙚: 𝘽𝙍𝙊𝙒30

Create perfect eyebrows!

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  • Did you know we offer online trainings for this method?

Swipe to get your discount code valid just in this month😉💕 Just from today till 2nd of March we would like to give you a super discount of 40%. Use code KIMK40

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  • Love my students and working with them. When they follow to all of my advices together we get the best results possible💕

Would you tell that this is student work on the training day?

Her first ever lash lift! I’m super proud! @kate_denko 
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  • We are growing! 
To make our trainings more available for you we have educators all over the UK.

We select those girls to provide you the best educators in the World💕

They are amazing, awards winning lash stylist but also beautiful souls which are concentrated on education! 
Our main goal is to provide the best trainings which loads of knowledge!

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