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I’m the Lashmaker is ALWAYS looking to collaborate with talented and passionate lash technicians from UK!

If you consider yourself to be talented lash technician who:

  • Is a lashlover, passionate about eyelash extensions!
  • Is creative and love to create new projects
  • Want to take career on the next level
  • Regularly engages with the other lash technicians and within the lash community!
  • And most importantly, uses, loves AND already advocates I’m the Lashmaker products

...we would like YOU to become a ILM Ambassador!

Benefits of becoming ILM Ambassador.

As a ILM ambassador, not only will you be a part of one of the amazing team of professionals, you will also get additional benefits including:

  • Higher recognition in the lash industry and 
  • Prestige among your clients 
  • 15% discount off for the ILM products - for your own personal use...
  • 10% discount for the training from ILM website
  • A unique 10% discount code to promote for your followers to use
  • A monthly income based on commission from the net sales you generate through your unique 10% discount code...
  • Get shared across all our social media platforms and be recognised on our website.
  • Access to support group of ILM team
  • Free social media training
  • ILM watermark
  • You will be the first to know about new additions to our collects & the first to try them.

What will be expected from you?

  • Be I’m the Lashmaker Lover!
  • Be creative with your social media while posting promotional post at least once a week (lashes with watermark, product review etc)
  • Be active Lashmaker on lash community forums and groups, be positive and helpful
  • Promote the brand without causing damage to the reputation of the brand.

How to become a I’m the Lashmaker ambassador?

With 3 simple steps:

  1. Emails us and explain why you would be a great ambassador
  2. Send us your social media account 
  3. Share our Instagram on yours @imthelashmaker_uk