Karis Warren

Karis has been in the lash industry for 6 years and is the proud owner of Karis Warrens Beauty Therapy and educator of I’m The Lash Maker Essex. 
Karis has competed in worldwide live and online lash competitions and is a multiple award winning lash artist. 
- 1st place Russian Volume, Cristel Studios winter, worldwide online lash competition 2019.
- 2nd place The Lash games, London Olympia, 2D-6D Mixed Volume live lash competition 2019. 
- 2nd place LASHaMAN, Russian Volume, global online male lash competition, 2020. 
- 3rd place Lash Queen Russian Volume, international online lash competition 2019. 
* 1:1 Classic certification.
* Russian Volume certification x3.
* Mega Volume certification.
* Spray Tanning.
* Gel Polish Nails.
* Hard Gel Extensions. 
* Level 2 Beauty Therapy certification.
* Level 3 Massage certification. 
* Level 3 Nails certification. 
* Level 3 Award in Education. 
* ILM Educator certification. 
Specialisation: Eyelash Extensions 
I joined the lash industry in October 2014 completing a 1:1 classic extension course. 
In January 2018 I completed my first volume lash extension course. 
I am based in the UK, Essex. 
Language: ENGLISH 
I am a very patient, passionate and friendly individual. I love to share my knowledge and experiences with my students and watch them grow and succeed as lash artists. As an educator I believe that you can never know enough, I still train with other lash professionals who inspire me. I continue to lash my clients to ensure I am always up to date with current styling techniques enabling me to be at the top of my profession. 
I would love to help you improve and grow in the lash industry. 
“Dream big, work hard, make it happen”