Katarzyna Grzywacz-Sadło


I am honoured to join the team of Eyelashes extensions instructors. It was a long journey for me, 

starting from the first course I completed in 2011. During the journey up to today’s date, I have 

gained a huge experience in my professional and personal life, I am a proud mother of two daughters,

a wife and an owner of a beauty salon in Derby.

I have completed a lot of training's and courses in the area of eyelashes extensions since I started to 

work, and I am not going to stop with my development.

I am a hardworking, cheerful, focused, self-motivated, self-possessed, self-disciplined, patient and 



On the daily basis I love spending time with my family which supports and motivates me. I cannot 

forget about my lovely customers who also encourage and support me, without them I would not 

believe in myself like I do now.


My  Diploma :

2008 – nail course - 3 technique gel, acrylic

04.2011- first course lash extensions, /Wroclaw/Looksus lashes 

02.2017 – 2-5 D and mega volume with Okamgnienie /Wroclaw

04.2017- lash lift course /UK

05.2018- volume lashes /Velvet Lashes /Nuneaton 

11.2018- Brow architecture with Olga Klucznik /Northampthon

11.2018 - Brow philosophy NIKK Mole /Northampthon

11.2018- Glammy mess Workshop by Olga Klucznik 

04.2019 – perfect lashes volume with Sonja Shmatko

04.2019- lash to lash technique with Sonja Shmatko


I joined in beauty industry in May 2014 


I started doing my first 1:1 lash extension in 2011


Country and area of training's: Derbyshire /Derby 


Beauty Rose 

21 Leopold street



Fb: Beauty Rose /Eyelashes/Nails/Natural Cosmetics

Fb: Academy By Kat-Derby

Instagram - beautyrosederby

Instagram - beauty_derby_academy


Contact Details : 07577299570


Language training's - Polish /English


I believe passion starts when a person continues to do her or his work and feels that during this time 

one’s has been fulfilling the biggest dreams and progress to the next levels.