Brow Expert Combo Training

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▪️2 days of training

▪️3 Brow stylisation techniques:

Brow henna with brow architecture,

Brow lift/ lamination,

Eyebrow dye,

▪️demonstration of 3 brow shaping methods (waxing, threading and tweezing) 

▪️4 models 

▪️full accreditation for all techniques 

Training is designed for a brow expert to allow you to be on the wave with all brow trends! 

“Now Everything is about EYEBROWS”


How long is the course?

Training takes 2 days around 8h daily (the time of the training may change)

(11:00-19:00). Please ensure you arrive 10 minutes prior to your course start time.


Day 1

11:00 - 12:30 Theory

12:30 -13:00 Lunch

13:00- 13:30 Henna swatches

13:30- 16:30 Live model

16:30 - 19:00 2nd model

Day 2

11:00 - 12:30 Theory

12:30 -13:00 Lunch

13:00- 13:30 Dye swatches

13:30- 16:30 Live model “eyebrow dye”

16:30 - 19:00 2nd model “browlift”



Innovation Beauty

2 Notre Dame Mews



Google map:


The closest car park:

Hourly Bands Grosvenor Multi Storey NN1 2BS 


Training information:

Group training (max 3ppl), please check the dates in our monthly schedule (lunch, certificate) 

VIP Training, for individual 1 to 1 session, you can contact us to choose the most suitable date for you (lunch, certificate) 



How to book your training date 

To book the training simply contact us and secure the date by deposit payment of £100, the remaining payment should be made 5 days prior to your course or on the training day with cash.

The payment can be made by using our website or you can do the bank transfer to:

Innovation Beauty Academy

Sort code: 20-61-55

Account number: 13300641

Title: training date

Please contact our customer service team via for more information.


Training program

Day 1


H & S

Eyebrow history 


Hair anatomy

The function of the eyebrows

Hair growth phases 

Drawing geometry, eyebrow profilometry

Necessary products and tools (Callipers, ruler, thread, measuring tool)

Perfect thin lines 

Eyebrow correction method

Types of eyebrows shapes

Henna characteristics 

How to choose the perfect colour for each model- colour correction.

Eyebrow correction- main principles 

The right choice of brushes for each method.

Eyebrow hair removal, tweezers waxing or threading and when to choose each technique


- Measuring and drawing perfect eyebrows, working on training materials and skin. 

- Henna swatches/ colour adjustments

- Practice on models

Day 2


Brow Lamination History 



Structure of disulfides bonds

Brow Filler

Chemical reaction of each step

Who is the treatment for

Significance of pH level

Colouring of the hair

Characteristic of eyebrow dyes

Directions in Brow Lamination treatment

Correct application of the product 

Treatment timing 

Most common mistakes

Choosing the correct colour of eyebrows dye


Sterilisation and disinfection 

Client Record Card

Marketing and business advice, how to get more clients


- Measuring and drawing perfect eyebrows, working on training materials and skin. 

- Perfect dye application, how to create perfect line WITH NO MAKE UP  

- Brow dye swatches/ colour adjustments

- Practice on models



Training entry requirements 

No previous brow qualifications required 

Please note you will need to bring a model to practice on. We need 4 models in total, on the first day two of them at 13:30 and 16:30 and on the second day also two models at 13:30 and 16:30 they will be needed for around 3h each.

If you are unable to bring your own model, please contact us a minimum of one week before the training date and we will provide you with a model with an additional £20 fee for each model. 

Models should be aged 16 or over, with no semi-permanent, makeup. Please ask your models to moisturised eyebrows before the treatment: they need to apply moisturiser (or any oils like coconut oil) on the eyebrows and leave it for 15 min, they need to repeat this twice 72 and 24 hours before the treatment.

(You can look for the models on local Facebook groups)


How to prepare yourself for this training 

Please dress comfortably and don't forget your glasses if you need them for better vision!

You don’t need to bring anything except good humour, relaxed mind to easily absorb knowledge. All products and equipment will be provided, on the site.

Lunch and snacks, cold and hot drinks will be provided please let us know if you have any food allergies or special dietary needs


Cancellation policy

If you are unable to attend the course, you must let us know at least 14 days before the date of the course. If you cancel your course without giving 14 days prior notice, we will be unable to refund you the cost of your deposit.


After completing the training, you will receive:

Accredited Certificate

10% FOREVER STUDENT DISCOUNT for Nikk Mole and I’m the Lashmaker products

PLEASE NOTE: Courses are taught in English and Polish, please let us know about your preferences 

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us:

Due to the constant changes to the COVID-19 restrictions, some practical sessions may need to be postponed, and in this case refund policy will not be applied. Your deposit will be transfer to the next session date. 

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