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Workshop for already qualified lash lift stylist.

It will take your work on a higher level and it will help you to create a stunning hustle free work every single time.


Spanish and Italian version is professional voiceover.


Training program

1. How the lash lift products work in our lash

2. Significance of pH level 

3. Three different bonds in your lashes Importance of them

4. Eye preparation before the treatment 

5. How to choose the best shields for your client

6. Everything about the shields and difference between some of the popular lash lift brands

7. How to quickly apply shields in 3 methods

8. Lashes in upper upper eyelash row how to deal with them

9. Flipping the eyelid  is it safe?

10. Lash memory in lash lift 

11. Product application what is important 

12. Most common mistakes and how to solve them

13. Lash  directions

14. What is the secret of clean application

15. Full presentation of my technique 

16. Colouring in lash lift procedure

17. How to properly clean the lashes after the procedure - presentation

18. How to get perfect results every single time 


What are you getting ?

- Access to our online training video for a 30 days. 

- The file is accessible from all the devices, all you need is internet connection and bit of your free time.

- You can watch it as many times as you want in the 30 day period. 

- Our technical team will send you separate e-mail with link granted you access to online video not longer then in 12 h after purchase.

- To order just simply put this products to your shopping cart and choose collection from our shop and pay through PayPal or credit card.

After completing this you will receive a e-certificate.


Intellectual property and copyright.

1. Student is informed that all the exclusive rights to use any inventions, works for hire, useful models, unique techniques (know-hows), educational materials and Teachers website design, as well as publication, distribution, any commercial and non-commercial usage, adaptation and creation of derivative works and contents belongs to the Teacher.


2. Student is obliged not to reproduce, sell, licence out, distribute or in any other way pass to the third parties, adapt, decompile all mentioned objects of intellectual property without prior written agreement of the Teacher.

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Perfect Lift

Ho trovato molto interessante e ben strutturato il corso di Mariola, lei spiega bene nel dettaglio i passaggi principali della laminazione, consiglio a tutti di vedere il suo corso

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Perfect lift is really perfect!

I learn so much on this training and there is lot of new informations for me, Mariola is super kind and excellent teacher. Very detail course, amazing for begginers and also for someone who is doing lashlift already.<br /> Thank you Mariola, I learn so much from you ❤️ Greetings from Croatia

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Amazing course

This course was bursting with good info and I have to say it blew me away. Always got inconsistent results but now after watching this I can't wait to put everything I have learned into practice. I will be completely changing my technique now and I am excited to see the difference in my results going forward. <br /> <br /> Do not hesitate to do this course!

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Best Lash Lift online class so far

I had my first lash lift class almost 2 years ago and every lift I made was never perfect. I had questions in my head why, What did I do wrong? <br /> <br /> Doesn’t matter how hard I tried but the result still the same. Doesn’t matter how many questions I posted/asked and heaps of comments I got result still the same. To imagine how to do it following those answers on my own would never work for me. But to have someone showing me how to do it properly with reasons why we do it that way and that works.<br /> <br /> One day someone put a comment about this class, I looked into Mariola’s Instagram and believe that she could deliver me the perfect lift and so I bought this class. <br /> It was very valuable and informative 2 hrs class and I have so much confidence and can’t wait to perform new techniques of perfect lift. <br /> Thanks Mariola

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Highly recommend!

This course is like anything before! I am truly impressed! I didn’t like to do lash lift before, there was always problems with the results but now can’t wait to try again. <br /> The course is very detailed, great quality, and tons of new information that I’ve never heard from others! Love it! <br /> Thank you!

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