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Marina Belik Webinar

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How long is the course?

Training takes around 4h (the time of the training may change) and its available to watch 2 weeks after.



How to book your training date 

To book the training simply buy the training trough our website. After purchase, all training details will be sent to the e-mail address provided during registration.


Training program

1. Eyebrow shaping - perfect symmetry.

2. Creating eyebrows in 4 lines! Pencil rules and how to get "clear, straight lines".

3. "Cleaning" the lines and how it affects the colouring.

4. Neat correction is a guarantee of straight lines, eyebrow shaping.

5. Eyebrow correction techniques: - Thread correction - Italian correction;

6. The structure of the skin.  Hair structure.

7. The importance of the water balance of the client's skin and how it affects the colour.

8. How to make eyebrow lightening with tweezers only.

9. ÉLAN is not only a colourant; it is a care product! Let's analyse all the compositions of the dye.

10. The colour wheel and how it affects the selection of shades.

11. Secrets of eyebrow shaping with ÉLAN gel-paint.  Myths and Facts.  Too many masters, too few experts!

12. Application: - the technique of dye for insta-lines;  - the method of dye application for natural colouring;

13. Dense straight lines with dye, clear straight lines during painting.

14. Complete colouring is the basis for working with Elan paint.  Mixing rules.  And the most popular combinations for eyebrow colouring with ÉLAN dye.  “Why do you get yellow eyebrows?  -Problem with technology. "

15. Analysis of the oxidation process and how it affects the final colour!

16. Creating a "correct" Instagram page!  Everything you need to know about Instagram and how to get to the TOP!

17. Photo as a key to your success. Photo processing software and how to “sell” your work!

18. Demonstration work on ÉLAN COLOR GEL.


How to prepare yourself for this training 

Prepare a pen and notebook.


Cancellation policy

After purchasing the training we will be unable to refund you the cost.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us: info@imthelashmaker.co.uk